QR Cobble News


QR Cobble at the reception of D. MACHTS GROUP

The upright QR Cobble as an informative eye-catcher The D.MACHTS GROUP uses a QR Cobble to welcome customers in an interactive way. Via the QR Code the visitors access interesting news as well as information about bargains, waiting times or…

Klaus Wowreit

Klaus Wowereit receives QR Cobble

An indicator for the technological change in Berlin “With Klaus Wowereit as the mayor, Berlin developed into a start-up metropolis. The QR Cobble represents this development. It merges the internet with reality, real places are connected to virtual world” says…

Iris Berben

QR Cobble at Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial

The QR Cobble as the key to the first virtual concert In 2008 a concert was performed within the Holocaust Memorial. Based on the great success, the DGMK developed a smartphone app to enable alle visitors to relive this special…